Around the year 1920, the grandfather of the current owner of Smellink Interiors was a furniture maker. In a small workshop, with a few employees he made furniture entirely to the customer’s wishes. The customer was getting married, was moving or just wanted to purchase new furniture and then discussed with the furniture maker what was desired.

In the furniture manufacturing they then went to work and the furniture was delivered after the agreed delivery date.

Solid wood, quality, durability, good working conditions and attention to the environment where guaranteed.

How different is it now.
Currently many furniture come from the far East and low wage countries. Characteristics are cheap, mass production, imitation, low quality and not paying attention to environment and sustainability.

Things we all think different about.
Our roots come from the history of the family and the relationships with the many (often family) companies with their rich European furniture history.
The love of beautiful furniture. It’s in our genes. We grew up in a furniture environment and the furniture virus is in our blood.

With the years, the love for the furniture, craftmanship and quality only further increased. During the many trips throughout Europe we meet countless people with whom we share this passion; manufacturers, designers, furniture makers, architects, stylists and enthusiasts in any form.

We share this passion with you.
Smellink Interiors is a unique concept. It stands for exclusive and original collections with new styles, influences and developments, wherein your personal taste creates the final product.

On this website you will find the best that Europe on furniture area has to offer.
Beautiful designs, executed in fair materials, in natural wood and made with craftsmanship by trained professionals. With great attention to quality, the environment, sustainability and working conditions.

Our collections will only be made in Europe. Each piece of furniture is individually produced entirely to the liking and specifications of the customer.

The Italian style virtuosos, the English cabinet makers, the French ebenisten and the many other European furniture makers will make according your wishes each piece of furniture individually. For the true enthusiast a feast for the eyes and a property for years.


Best regards,

Henk Smellink and staff