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Sofa or Corner sofa

When selecting a new sofa, you must first choose between an 'ordinary' sofa or its big brother: the corner sofa. Both have their pros and cons. In addition, the dimensions of the living room and the current living trends play an important role. Ultimately, of course, it comes down to your personal taste in terms of comfort and model choice.                                                                            

The Corner Sofa

With the arrival of the corner sofa, the living room has suddenly become a lot more relaxed. The term couch potato took on a new meaning. Watching TV with the whole family on one couch is no problem.

A large sofa, and certainly a corner sofa, also automatically means that it takes up more space. So think carefully about the best place before you decide. We are happy to help and advise you with measuring the possibilities so that you are not faced with surprises during the delivery. There are often many options for models under the corner sofa, namely: the normal corner sofa, armrests on the left or right, the lounge sofa, the U-sofa or an option with a Chaise Longue.

In our Passe Partout collection there are corner sofas in all possible sizes with plenty of choice with many special models. Almost the entire collection is in our new showroom. It is not for nothing that we are a Passe Partout Brandstore. A very beautiful contemporary collection that is particularly popular and makes people swear by the furniture industry throughout Europe due to the very beautiful models, affordable prices and innovative designs and upholstery fabrics.

Visit our large showroom in Oldenzaal (1100m2).

It is advisable to make an appointment in advance. On Saturdays, a visit is possible without an appointment (other days by appointment only).

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