Creëer jouw eigen unieke meubelen op maat en in elke gewenste kleur

Create your own unique custom furniture in any color you want

In a world where mass production prevails, it is sometimes difficult to find furniture that exactly matches your personal taste and interior. Smellink Interiors understands this all too well and offers a unique solution for anyone who is looking for furniture that fully meets their needs. At Smellink Interiors you can have your furniture made to measure and in any color you want. Whether you need a specific size, want a unique color combination, or even have a completely new design in mind, Smellink Interiors makes it possible. In this blog article we take a look into the world of custom-made furniture and show how Smellink Interiors makes the dreams of its customers come true.

Customization in Furniture

The unique thing about Smellink Interiors is its ability to make custom furniture. Whether you need a sideboard that fits perfectly in that one niche in your living room or a dining table that is large enough to accommodate all your friends and family, Smellink Interiors can make it happen for you. No standard dimensions or restrictions; your furniture is specifically adapted to your wishes.

Color as Expression

Color plays a crucial role in creating the right atmosphere in your interior. At Smellink Interiors they understand this like no other. It is not always easy to find the perfect color that matches the rest of your decor. But at Smellink Interiors everything is possible. Do you have a specific color in mind that can't be found anywhere else? No problem. For example, recently a customer wanted to display the colors of her favorite vase in different colors on the drawers of a dresser, and the result was beautiful. It shows the creative freedom and flexibility that Smellink Interiors offers when it comes to color choices

Computer Aided Visualization

Are you unsure about the color combinations that best suit your interior? Smellink Interiors has advanced computer programs with which they can visualize all possible color combinations. This way you can see in advance what your furniture will look like before production starts. This helps customers to be more confident in their choices and ensure that the end result perfectly matches their vision.

Flexibility in Design

It's not just about dimensions and colors at Smellink Interiors. Sometimes customers even want to customize the design of a piece of furniture. Maybe you want a bookcase with extra shelves, a cupboard with special storage options, or a table with a unique pattern in the wood. Smellink Interiors is ready to turn your ideas into reality and works closely with you to create a piece of furniture that suits you perfectly, both functionally and aesthetically.


Smellink Interiors is the ultimate destination for anyone looking for custom furniture in any color. With a focus on customization, color choices, computer-aided visualization and flexibility in design, Smellink Interiors offers its customers the opportunity to fully personalize their interior design. If you are looking for furniture that suits your personal style and needs, Smellink Interiors is the place to be. Make your dreams come true and create a unique interior that suits you completely.

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