De Engelse Wingchair

The English Wingchair

The “Wing Chair”

The "Wingchair", usually called an "ear armchair" in the Netherlands, is a model armchair that originates from England.

It is an easy sitting armchair with "wings" or "ears" that are attached to the back of the chair, usually up to the armrest. The purpose of the “wings or ears” was to enclose the head and torso of the body and provide comfortable protection from drafts and to collect the heat from a fireplace. That is why these Wingchairs were often used near a fireplace in earlier times. The first models of the Wingchair were introduced in England in the early 1600s and the basic design of the armchair has remained unchanged ever since.

The Wingchair of the past ... and the Wingchair of today ...

The model of the Wingchair has not changed significantly over the centuries. It remains a model armchair that has been loved by young and old over the years.

The armchair not only offers comfort but also gives a sheltered and safe feeling of privacy. In earlier times, the armchair offered protection against cold and drafts and people sat sheltered around the open fire. Nowadays we no longer have the cold and drafts in our houses, but we curl up in our own “ear armchair” and then feel safe, cosy, unwatched, sheltered and we dream away in our own world.

The only thing that has actually changed in all those centuries is the appearance and upholstery of the armchairs.

In earlier times it was often brown leather or heavy fabrics such as mohair in dark colors and this was of course a result of the prevailing interior trends at the time.

We can currently upholster the Wingchairs from our collection in any desired upholstery, so that each armchair has its own look.

A Wingchair upholstered with, for example, a "Safari look" fabric naturally gives a completely different picture than the same armchair upholstered in a Scottish Highland Tartan fabric.

You can have the armchairs from our collection upholstered entirely to your liking so that they come into its own in any type of interior.

Whether you are a fan of a rural living style, a very modern or a classic interior, the Wingchair with the upholstery of your choice is a real eye-catcher in your interior.

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