Een Unieke Samenwerking: Jouw Creativiteit Ontmoet Onze Brandstore

A Unique Collaboration: Your Creativity Meets Our Brand Store


Dear Interior Stylists and Interior Architects,

Welcome to the world of possibilities, where creativity flourishes and design comes to life. We invite you to view our Passe Partout brand store as an extension of your own design studio. This unique collaboration promises not only a boost to your creative vision, but also a seamless experience for your customers.

Showroom as Inspiration Hub

Our brand store is not just a place where furniture is stored; it is an inspiration hub, a space infused with style, innovation and comfort. Here you can walk around freely, gain new ideas and discover the latest models. Use it as your creative playground, where no idea is too daring.

No Investment Required, Always The Latest of the Latest

One of the advantages of this collaboration is that you do not have to make heavy investments. Our brand store is at your disposal, and you always have access to the latest collections. You can experiment with confidence and create refreshing designs, without worrying about maintaining your own showroom.

Care from A to Z

In addition to endless inspiration, we also offer complete care. After the sale, we will take care of the delivery. No more worries about logistics and transport; Our professional delivery service ensures that every piece is delivered to your customers with the utmost care. This way you can fully focus on what you are best at: creating stunning interiors.

Commission and Win-Win Collaboration

And let's talk about the icing on the cake: the commission. Together we can make agreements about a fair reward for your contribution. It is not only a win-win situation for us, but especially for you. Your efforts and talent deserve an appropriate reward, and we are happy to commit ourselves to that.

Conclusion: An Innovative Future Together

In summary, this collaboration offers an innovative future, in which your creativity is supplemented by the possibilities of our brand store. We believe in the power of synergy, in which merging your designs with our furniture results in unique, breathtaking interiors.

Step inside, be inspired and make our brand store your second home. Together we not only create spaces; we create experiences, memories and beautiful stories.

With inspiring regards, Brandstore Passe Partout

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