Grange meubelen weer leverbaar

Grange furniture available again

Grange, a legendary French furniture brand.

Good news for lovers of furniture from Grange, the legendary French furniture brand that unfortunately stopped manufacturing furniture in 2018.

The various furniture collections that Grange produced are all available again under the name LIVINGSTONE COLLECTION

Smellink Interiors has exclusively represented Grange furniture in the Netherlands for more than 40 years and can now supply all furniture from the various collections as usual.

History of Grange

In the hills near Lyon in the small village of Saint-Symphorien-sur-Coise, the furniture maker Joseph Grange started making furniture on a very small scale for a small clientele in 1904.

His small furniture workshop grew into a world-renowned furniture brand with high-quality furniture collections that became known and loved all over the world.

The collections are often inspired by the rich French furniture history and the influences of the famous French furniture styles such as Directoire, Louis Philippe, Consulat and the various Louis styles can be found in the models. The furniture styles of the French countryside also feature frequently in the collections. Country furniture with famous models such as the Farmhouse table, the famous Lit Bateaux bed, Console tables, Secretaries, Sideboards and many other furniture that fit perfectly into the "country style living" atmosphere.

High-quality woods such as French oak, cherry wood and walnut are the basis for many products.

This combined with high-quality craftsmanship, craftsmanship, an eye for detail, a superior finish and color finish make every piece of furniture a feast for the eyes.

Smellink Interiors has been a dealer of Grange for 50 years, exclusively in the Netherlands

We at Smellink Interiors have sold Grange furniture exclusively in the Netherlands from the sixties and therefore had and have a great affinity with the brand and the collections.

Unfortunately, Grange stopped producing the furniture in 2018. The rapid change of ownership, the undervaluation of European quality furniture (which fortunately is currently undergoing a rapid revaluation), globalization and competition from cheap wage countries like China and a number of other causes have brought an end to the long history of the company.

However, there is good news for lovers of this beautiful furniture, the Grange collections and the French furniture styles ( LIVINGSTONE COLLECTION) . Smellink Interiors has revived the collections and can supply all Grange models again. Stronger; a new dimension has been added to the possibilities: Each model can be made in the dimensions, finishes and color of your choice. This offers unprecedented possibilities. Your eye falls on a certain model from the collection, but the size is not quite what you want? No problem.

We tailor the model entirely to your wishes and specifications. You select the model of your choice and we make a drawing of the desired furniture for you. We discuss the drawing, finish and associated quotation with you and after your order we make the furniture exclusively for you and arrange delivery and installation at your home.

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