Investeren in duurzame meubelen

Investing in sustainable furniture

We all know how important nature is. Would you like to do something for the environment? A good way is to choose a sustainable interior. Of course it is very nice to tell your visitors that you have sustainable furniture at home. But what makes furniture sustainable? In short: durability, little wear and environmentally friendly production, which ultimately saves costs in the long term! But why invest in sustainable furniture?

1. You invest in the environment

It is difficult for many people to actively take the environment into account in daily life. You are much more likely to take the car to work and many people will not change their entire diet for the better of the environment. Yet in the food and clothing sector, sustainability is already being considered much more and we read a lot more about it. But an even easier way to contribute is by investing in a sustainable interior. It takes less time, but can still make a big difference if everyone does this. Furniture that is produced sustainably has as few wasted raw materials as possible. This is important as certain raw materials are becoming increasingly scarce. like many types of wood.

2. You invest in furniture with a longer lifespan

Because sustainable furniture is made from materials that last longer than average furniture, they have a much longer lifespan, which means quality! So it is not only good for preventing the depletion of certain raw materials, it is also good for your wallet in the long run! By purchasing sustainable basic furniture, for example, sofas can last between 15 – 25 years and can then be reupholstered for a second life. A durable cupboard or wall cupboard can easily last 30 years! Cheap furniture is therefore not nearly as much cheaper as we think. If you want to occasionally change your interior, you can easily do this with various accessories and small furniture. You also get a lot more in return for your sustainable furniture if you sell it second-hand.


3. Sustainable furniture is stylish!

Does sustainable furniture sound boring or old-fashioned? Oh, no! Durable furniture can also be very stylish. For example, choose a modern sustainable oak dining table or coffee table for a modern and industrial look. Or a nice large tree trunk table for a rural atmosphere. Furthermore, our sofas can be produced in any desired size and upholstery, completely according to your wishes and interior style!

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