Je eigen unieke kast: Geheel op maat voor je gemaakt!

Your own unique cupboard: Completely custom made for you!


Do you want a cupboard that perfectly matches your wishes and interior style? With us you can not only choose from various styles and designs, but we also give you the opportunity to design your own cupboard. Whether it concerns an extension wall, bookcase or display cabinet, we make it possible for you. In this blog you can read how the process works and how we create your ideal cupboard together.

Step 1:

Discuss your wishes. It all starts with a thorough conversation in which you share your wishes and requirements with us. Do you have a lot of books that need to be stored in a special way? Do you collect works of art that you would like to show? Do you want to store your most beautiful tableware safely behind glass? Or are you mainly looking for a lot of storage space with doors and drawers? With us, almost anything is possible, and we are open to all your ideas.

Step 2:

Come visit our showroom or email us with information about your wishes. A rough sketch with a few photos of the place where you want to place the cabinet is sufficient to draw up an initial proposal for you.

Home measurement. To ensure that your new cupboard fits perfectly in your space, our experts will come to your home for an accurate measurement if necessary. We can then advise you at your home and further develop the design and guarantee that the cupboard is not only functional, but also fits seamlessly into your space.

Step 3:

Sketches and technical drawings. Our designers will start making sketches based on your wishes and home measurements. These sketches are then converted into detailed technical drawings. All dimensions and specifications are recorded here, so that you get a clear picture of your custom-made cabinet.

Step 4:

Choose your materials and colors. With us you have the freedom to choose not only the design but also the materials and colors. Do you want a warm type of wood, a contemporary color, or perhaps a combination of both? It's all possible. Our experts are happy to advise you on the best choices that suit your style and interior.

Step 5:

Computer layout. Once all choices have been made, a realistic computer layout is created. This gives you a preview of what your closet will look like in the chosen materials and colors. This offers the opportunity to make any adjustments before production starts.


For us, it's not just about buying a cupboard, but about creating a unique piece of furniture that perfectly suits your wishes and lifestyle. With craftsmanship and personalization as a focus, we guarantee not only functionality but also a piece that enriches your interior. Design your own cupboard today and let us guide you to a perfect piece of furniture that is truly made entirely according to your wishes.

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