Salontafels van Passe Partout: Een Stijlvolle Toevoeging aan Jouw Interieur

Coffee tables from Passe Partout: A Stylish Addition to Your Interior

A coffee table is more than just a practical piece of furniture; it is a central element in your living room that adds style and character to your interior. Passe Partout, the Belgian brand with a passion for design and craftsmanship, understands this like no other. They have designed an impressive collection of coffee tables, each with its own unique features and style. In this blog we will explore some of their beautiful models and discover the possibilities they offer to enrich your interior.

Coffee table Amazone: Organic Elegance

A striking piece from the Passe Partout collection is the Amazone coffee table. What makes this table so special is its organic shape and the striking contrast between the table top and the base. Made of neutral oak planks, the Amazone rests on a sleek, black metal base. The combination of natural materials and clean lines gives this table a timeless elegance that looks great in different interior styles. Moreover, the Amazone is available in various sizes, so you can play with setups and variations in your living room.

Coffee table Jukebox: Playful and Dynamic

The Jukebox Coffee Table is another masterpiece by Passe Partout. This table is distinguished by its unique design, with oak tops lying loose on a stylish black metal frame. This gives you the ability to shift the blades as desired, creating endless variations and a playful, dynamic effect. Moreover, you can choose from several colors, such as natural, tobacco, gray and anthracite, to perfectly match the table to your interior.

Coffee table Tube: Oak Splendor

The Tube coffee table from Passe Partout is made of beautiful solid oak. These tables can be combined together or placed separately, depending on your preference and the space you have. Moreover, they are available in different sizes and colors, so you can make the perfect choice that fits seamlessly with your interior.

Coffee table Bliss: Harmony of Materials

The oak coffee table with its graceful round steel leg offers a harmonious combination of materials and style. This table is available in different warm wood colors and various sizes, so it fits effortlessly into any desired interior setting.

Coffee table Ufo: Playful and Versatile

The Ufo Coffee Table from Passe Partout is a playful design that is available in different sizes and heights. This allows you to easily combine and create different tables. You can also choose from five oak colors: natural, tobacco, gray, anthracite and black. Furthermore, the tables are available in three heights (30, 40 and 50 cm), allowing you to put together your ideal combination.

Passe Partout offers a wide choice of coffee tables that perfectly match different tastes and interior styles. Whether you are looking for an organic look, playful variations, or a harmonious combination of materials, Passe Partout has a table that suits your needs. These beautiful coffee tables are not only functional, but also true works of art that will take your living room to a higher level. Choose the table that best suits you and your interior and enjoy the beauty and functionality that these Passe Partout coffee tables have to offer.

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