Tijdloos Klassiek Wonen

Timeless Classic Living


A bit traditional but at the same time this style exudes solidity and reliability. Still a popular furniture style for many people. Frequently used materials are oak, warm high-quality fabrics and leather. The furniture is of a high quality and does not need to be replaced quickly. If a piece of furniture needs to be replaced or added, this is easy. A new piece of furniture is often easy to fit in because the style is not easily subject to fashion.


Back to the fifties and sixties. It is not only very popular in music, but also in the interior harks back to this time. The shapes, the models, the colours, everything is reminiscent of these inspiring times for many. The original copies dating from this time are for the real collectors, but often no longer have the comfort that is desired today. The furniture now made in this style resembles the original models in everything but has the comfort of today.


Furniture often tells a story. A family heirloom does that, but new furniture often also has a story. They refer to a furniture style of the past such as the French Directoire, Louis Philippe or the Louis styles. England also has a rich furniture tradition with furniture such as the Chesterfield sofa, the Wingchair, and the Windsor chairs. At the moment, wooden furniture inspired by professions such as winemakers, watchmakers, architects and, for example, notaries are also very popular. Often imitated from antiques or museum pieces, but adapted to the requirements of today's lover of quality furniture.

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