Collection: Bayonne

The Bayonne collection offers a variety of furniture designs with striking and bold color combinations. This collection aims to create an exciting and daring interior where color takes center stage. Are you brave enough to integrate color into your living space? With the Bayonne collection, you will discover the many possibilities to enhance your interior with a unique piece of furniture.

One characteristic of the Bayonne collection is that all furniture can be customized. Whether it's dimensions, finishes, colors, or finishes, we adapt each piece of furniture to your specific preferences. Our highly skilled craftsmen individually create each piece with craftsmanship and precision. Furthermore, all our furniture is exclusively manufactured in Europe, with a focus on quality, sustainability, environmental consciousness, and good working conditions.

Your satisfaction is our top priority. We want to inspire you and assist you in realizing all your home desires. Let yourself be inspired by our Bayonne collection and create an interior that reflects your personality and that you can be proud of.