Collection: Armchairs

Are you looking for an armchair in which you can relax? Not every armchair is the same and because there are so many different wishes regarding sitting and relaxing, the variety among armchairs is therefore very large. There are countless types and variations of armchairs. Consider, for example; wing chairs, lounge chairs, recliners, armchairs with stools, stand-up chairs, electric chairs, chesterfield chairs, love seats, chaisse lounges and many other names. We have almost all of them in our collections. At Smellink Interiors you also determine the dimensions, upholstery and finish so that you can always choose your own armchair entirely according to your wishes. You can choose from many types of leather and all types of upholstery fabrics that are available. The choice is unlimited. English tartans (block or diamond fabrics), woolen fabrics, striped fabrics, classic furniture fabrics, tweed fabrics, cotton fabrics, fabrics from renowned fabric houses such as Designers Guild, JAB, Zoffany, Chivasso, Romo, Ralph Lauren, Lizzo, Sanderson, Carlucci, De Ploeg, Pierre We have Frey and many other international fabric houses in our collections and can be upholstered on our furniture. The English wing chair or wing chair? An English wing chair, also known as the Wingchair or wing chair, can be recognized by their shape and upholstery. These English armchairs are still very popular in contemporary interiors. The size of the chair gives it a stately look and makes it a showpiece in your interior. Coverings that are especially popular are floral prints or checkered prints. This fits very well within the typical English interior that is also called rural classic. The difference with a French armchair lies in the design and the visibility of the wood. In addition to providing high seating comfort, English armchairs are also very suitable for filling an empty corner in your home because of their size. Armchair with good seating comfort Seating comfort is one of the most important aspects of armchairs or sofas. Ergonomics are therefore taken into account when making seating furniture. Ergonomics is the science of trying to make people live and work as healthy, practical and comfortable as possible. An ergonomic piece of furniture is a piece of furniture that sits comfortably because it has the right shape and dimensions for a human body in a certain situation. Because everything can be completely customized with us, the maximum seating comfort can be achieved. Discover our wide collection of armchairs in our showroom.