Collection: Coffee Tables

The coffee table is indispensable in the contemporary interior. A coffee table or side table can be used in the interior for practical reasons, but it can also be used as atmospheric furniture. A lot is possible in our wide collection of coffee tables and side tables. The dimensions, shapes, materials and finishes can be completely customized. Would you like a separate side table or a side table set? A classic coffee table with drawers and drawers or a coffee table with brass and glass combined? A coffee table with a rural look or more of an Industrial look with a metal base or a wooden top with a vintage look? Visit Smellink Interiors to view the possibilities. Our interior stylists are happy to advise you. A coffee table should not be missing in the interior A coffee table is one of the most used pieces of furniture in our house. We use it to put a cup of coffee or tea on, the space under the coffee table can be used as a storage space for magazines, newspapers and books. Easy to have everything at hand. Choose a coffee table that matches your interior If you want to replace the coffee table for a new table, it is important that it matches the style of your interior. If you have a classic interior, a cherry wood or an oak coffee table fits perfectly. A glass or marble coffee table is often a good choice for a modern interior. A combination of small tables with different shapes is also a great solution in a contemporary interior. For a rural interior, a robust oak coffee table is often a beautiful and sturdy addition. With good interior advice from one of our interior stylists you will always make the right choice. A coffee table is multifunctional Besides the fact that a coffee table looks good, it can also be very practical and handy. Think of extra storage space through drawers under the top. Or opt for a bottom shelf. You can put nice baskets on this to put magazines and newspapers in, for example. Do you need a lot of storage space? Then opt for large sliding drawers. The size of the coffee table is important. Measure the length, width and depth. Determine where the coffee table will be placed. Keep in mind that there must also be walking space around the table. Also consider the space between the sofa and the table. All our models are custom-made, so consult with our interior and furniture consultants and determine the right table for your interior together with them. Visit our showroom and find the perfect coffee table for you.