Collection: Chairs

You will find unique chairs for every dining room table and interior style at Smellink Interiors. Chairs in every style, various materials and matching the dining room table of your choice. The design of our chairs is very diverse. Classic designs and modern materials are often combined nowadays. But of course, proven materials such as wood and metal are still frequently used because of their appearance and ease of use in combination. It is no longer the case that furniture with a certain class only has to be made of wood. Materials such as rattan and braided metal have also gained in prestige. This also applies to the combination of leather and metal. You will find both classic chairs and designer chairs in the Smellink Interiors showroom. Armchairs with wheels at the dining room table Armchairs are becoming more and more popular. We read the newspaper and play games with the whole family. We are increasingly dining at home and especially after dinner at the beautiful and large dining table in the living room, kitchen or dining area. We do "wining and dining" at home and it seems as if we are in a cozy restaurant. That beautiful dining table also includes cozy and comfortable chairs. We have a large collection of chairs in all styles and these can be made in any desired upholstery. Armchairs with a base on wheels are currently very popular because of the great seating comfort and because the chairs are easy to move. Visit our showroom and sit down with our interior stylists to discuss the possibilities together.