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Side Tables
Have you always wanted to put together your own wall unit or cabinet? At Smellink Interiors, all wall furniture is made to measure. In our wall furniture collections, the materials, colours, finishes, dimensions and layouts can be fully adapted to your wishes and interior. You can therefore compose your cabinet entirely according to your taste so that you have a beautiful and exclusive high-quality wall unit in your interior. In our collections we have bookcases, TV wall units, wardrobes, display cabinets and storage walls. All wall furniture is custom designed and made. Come by and design your dream custom cabinet together with one of our interior stylists or request a quote immediately if you have seen a cabinet in our collection. A wall unit for every interior style Because all our wall units are custom made, there are virtually no restrictions. The types of wood we use are mainly oak, cherry and walnut. Other types of wood are of course also possible. There are no restrictions with regard to the desired dimensions and finishes with our custom furniture. Do you want a wall unit in a modern furniture style or with a rural look, no problem at all. More classic wall furniture in an English furniture style or in a French furniture style then this is no problem at all. We can tailor a beautiful wall unit in the Directoire style or in a Louis Philippe style for you, but also a beautiful home library with an English furniture style look or a beautiful country look. Wall furniture for many purposes Wall furniture largely determines the appearance of a room. Very important for the arrangement of a wall unit is the purpose for which you want to use it. If you want to show beautiful crockery or collection, choose a custom wall unit with a display cabinet incorporated. If you are an avid reader, you will opt for a more open bookcase with many bookshelves. We make a separate bookcase for you in the dimensions you want, but if desired we can also make a custom book wall from floor to ceiling and from wall to wall. If you want a beautiful library room in your home, we will be happy to design it for you. A wall unit with the TV incorporated behind sliding doors? There are various options for a television and screens incorporated in a wall unit. Do you want the TV in sight or not? Many bookshelves, a display part, lots of storage space? You say it. Of course, a combination of all these possibilities is also possible. Our furniture specialists, consultants and stylists are happy to help and advise you. Which furniture style should the wall unit be in? The style of the wall unit is very decisive for the interior. If you want classic, you might choose a beautiful wall unit in the Directoire or Louis Philippe style. These styles have specific cap frames that indicate these styles. If you have modern, the sleek/straight shapes are better. Then the color and finish are very decisive. Rustic is preferred by robust oak in the gray and taupe colours. Modern goes more towards the light cream colors with a smooth finish. Classic is often very popular cherry wood with an antique finish. A wall unit in country style is often made of oak with wood colors ranging from white to brown tones. Feel free to visit our showroom and be inspired by our extensive collection of wall furniture.